Section A



A1 - Electric Circuit Theory and Analysis

A2 - Renewable Energy Sources

A3 - Electromagnetic Compatibility/Power Quality

A4 - Energy Efficiency

A5 - Electrical Machines and Drives

A6 - Power Systems

A7 - Computational Electromagnetic

A8 - Materials for Electrotechnics

A9 - Measurements Techniques/Virtual Instrumentation/Sensors and Transducers

A10 - CAD in Electrical Engineering

A11 - Biomedical Engineering



Section B


B1 - Control Systems

B2 - Artificial Intelligence Techniques

B3 - Modeling and Simulation

B4 - Distributed Systems

B5 - Real-time Systems

B6 - Telecommunications Technologies and Software

B7 - Signals and Image Processing

B8 - E-learning

B9 - Applied Informatics

B10 - Robotics

B11 - Educational use of ICT